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1 Click DVD Copy - Backup Perfect Quality DVD Movies to DVD+RW and DVD-RW

1 Click DVD Copy - Box Cover

1Click DVD Copy is a revolutionary product that allows you to make high quality backup copies of your DVD movies. You won't find a simpler DVD backup utility than 1Click DVD Copy. Best of all, our proprietary LG1X DVD compression technology ensures perfect video quality. Just click the START button to copy a movie, it's that easy!

Now includes CPRx™ technology which is used to copy DVDs that use Arccos or RipGuard. These are copy error protection schemes used to make copying movies difficult but with 1 Click DVD Copy PRO and CPRx, you are ensured of the highest level of success copying the latest generation of DVD movies.

CPRx Explained

CPRx (Copy Protection Removal) is a unique and innovative solution to copy new DVD movies which contain bad sectors or bad DVD structure. Many popular DVD movies are now created in such a way as to make it difficult for backup software to copy them properly. This can result in errors during the copy process, or bad playback after the copy is completed.

A number of names have been given to these new techniques to inhibit archival backups, such as Sony Arccos, Macovision Rip Guard, Settec Alpha-DVD and Augs Puppet Lock. None of these schemes are true copy protections (only CSS and Macrovision are described as copy protections in the DVD specification), simply because the DVD player is totally unaware of their existence and as such, they are only annoyances to DVD copy applications. They are simply methods of adding bad sectors (analogous to scratches on a DVD) and bogus content to the DVD.

In order to copy a DVD which has been authored using these new schemes, 1Click DVD Copy  is the only DVD backup software that now utilizes state of the art CPRx technology to ensure the highest level of success when making an archival backup.

DVD Copying Made Easy - 1 Click DVD Copy gives you four DVD copying options:

Movie Only: (best quality)

This option copies the movie and one audio, but leaves out the extras. In most cases the movie will start as soon as the DVD is inserted. If you need the main menu to navigate to a certain chapter or select a subtitle, you can still activate the menu by clicking on your DVD player's menu button. In some cases, removing the extras may not remove certain commands that force menus to be shown, as a result some movies my still start with the menu instead of going directly to the movie.

Movie, Extras, 1 Audio:

This option copies the movie, the extras, and one audio language. The original menu structures are preserved so subtitles and extras are accessible via the menu items.

Movie, Extras, All Audio:

This option is identical to the "MOVIE, EXTRAS, 1 AUDIO" option, except that it copies all audio languages, not just the preferred audio language. This option should only be used when you must have all audio languages since it wastes a lot of space on the DVD that could otherwise be used to enhance the video quality.

Extras such as computer software that may appear on the DVD are not copied. If you wish to copy any software that appears on the DVD, you can do so as you would any other data disk by copying them to your hard disk.

Copy DVD files from your hard drive

1 Click DVD Copy gives you the option to copy a movie from DVD files that have been saved on your hard drive.

With 1 Click DVD Copy, you will never need to replace a lost or damaged DVD again:

  • New! With CPRx™ technology for copying the newest DVD movies.

  • 1Click DVD Copy supports copying Dual Layer DVD9s. You can now copy and burn dual layer DVD-9 DVDs directly to a blank dual layer DVD-9. 

  • Make high quality 1:1 backup copies of all your DVD movies.

  • Fit your entire DVD movie onto just one disc (No need to copy to 2 DVD discs).

  • Copy special features, menus, subtitles and one language
    Copy special features, menus, subtitles and all languages

  • Copy episodic DVD movies like The Simpsons or The Sopranos

  • Supports both NTSC and PAL DVD movies.

  • LG1X transcoding compression technology ensures perfect video quality.

  • Burn data or DVD video on a DVD (with VSO's CopyToDVD). Backup important files onto CD or DVD

  • Back-up a DVD to your hard disk. (Great for playback on a laptop).

  • Burn music CDs from MP3, Ogg Vorbis and WMA files.

  • No warning messages or anti-piracy tracking codes added to your copy.

  • Make a backup copy of your backup!

  • Responsive and Professional Technical Support

If you are looking for more control over compression and advanced functionality, the PRO version is for you, if you can do without all the extra advanced features than let the original 1Click DVD Copy automatically set the appropriate compression settings for you so that you can fit a DVD movie onto one blank DVD!  Whatever you choose, 1 Click DVD Copy continues the excellent tradition of making flawless backups of all your DVD movies, quickly and easily!

Free Bonus: VSO's CopyToDVD CD/DVD burning software burns data, video, or music on a CD/DVD. It also decodes MP3, MWA, Ogg Vorbis and WMA file formats. You can use CopyToDVD for backing up data onto a CD or DVD or for making music CDs.

Try before your buy! Download a trial copy and give this software a test drive.

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