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DVD Cloner - DVD Copy and DVD Burner Software That Burns Exact Copies

DVD Cloner V - Perfect 1:1 DVD CopyDVD Cloner is a DVD copy and DVD burner software that takes your original DVD and makes an exact copy to a blank DVD in true DVD format (MPEG2). Typically without having a DVD Burner installed, DVD converter and DVD ripper software is used create a lower quality VCD or SVCD that you would burned to CD, DVD Cloner on the other hand burns directly to DVD, making a one for one DVD copy. Expert Interface

DVD Cloner supports most DVD burners, including DVD-R/RW, DVD+R/RW, DVD-RAM and DVD+R dual layer DVD Burners! Every DVD you backup can be viewed on your DVD player.  The DVD you are backing up retains the same audio and video quality with all bonus features, footage, menus and more. Plus, DVD Cloner is one of the few DVD backup software titles that has a built-in CSS/DVD Ripper.  You do not need to download a separate program like DVD43 or AnyDVD.

DVD-Cloner has made DVD to DVD copying a reality. With the price of DVD burner hardware falling in price,  it is no longer a dream to make exact copies of your DVDs.  DVD Cloner 4 is easy to use...  no complicated parameter settings, just a simple click.. and your favorite DVD is copied!

DVD Cloner now supports Dual Layer DVD Burning and Recording. Double/Dual Layer DVD recording brings new capability to your PC. With the ability to store up to 4 hours of high quality MPEG-2 video (or up to 8 hours of MPEG-1 video) or up to 8.5GB of information on a single sided disc dual layer DVD+R DL. Dual Layer DVDs are playable in most standard consumer DVD players and computer DVD-ROM drives.

  • New! ‘Intelligent Identification Tech - intuitively recognizes the disc’s format and automatically provides the appropriate copy modes and options.

  • New! ‘Chapter selection allows you to only copy the sections you want.

  • New! Supports Blu-ray / HD DVDs

  • New! Two new modes: Expert (Customization) and Express (One Click Copy).

  • New! Enhanced decoder to defeat all up-to-date DVD protection mechanisms. Decode CSS or DECROSS protected discs

  • Copies DVD movies to ISO or NRG files or backs up your DVD movies directly to the hard drive (FAT32, NTFS supported), burns ISO and NRG files to DVDs.

  • Manually adjust the compression rate from 10% to 100%-saving valuable disc space.

  • DVD Fix’ copying mode can be used recover damaged or scratched DVDs.

  • Completely new encoding and DVD burning engines improves speed and performance.

  • Copy Episodic DVDs such as Family Guy, Lost, 24, Friends etc.

  • Choose your favorite title & chapter & subtitle & audio copy that you want to copy. And preview your favorite chapter.

  • Support more DVD burners including dual layer DVDs.

  • Burn your DVD9 movies to a blank DVD+R Dual Layer DVD9 Disc. (Note: You will need a Dual Layer DVD Burner and DVD+R DL blank media)

  • DVD to DVD burner - With a DVD burner, you will get a true DVD copy instead of a VCD or SVCD. Your copy will be the same as your original DVD! Menus, trailers, features...

  • Will backup copy-protected DVD movies

  • High speed and quality - Copy your DVD movie in a very short time. A DVD-5 (4.7GB) can be burned in 45 minutes or less.

  • Easy to Use - No complicated parameter settings to decipher, just a simple click.. and your favorite DVD is burned to DVD, a one to one DVD copy.

  • Burn a DVD9 to DVD5 - fits most DVD movies to one blank DVD.

  • Copy your DVD movie to your hard drive Free Bonus DVD Software

  • No watermark, no warning screen and no tracing even after copying from a copied DVD movie.

  • Technical Support - Quality after-sale service, you will not have to worry about getting any technical help if you need it.

Bonus Software Offer: Backup your DVD movies to AVI, MPEG or SVCD

As an added FREE bonus, if you buy DVD Cloner, you will get a FREE copy of DVD Ripper Lite which lets you convert DVD-TO-AVI, DVD-TO-MPEG and DVD-TO-SVCD. This software allows you to copy DVD movies to your hard drive and/or CDs that can be played on a VCD compatible DVD player.

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